For a Personal Qualification to Be Accredited, it must:

1) Require Relevant Courses from an accredited, ISO certificated,  or government regulated institution. 2) Exams proctored and provided by an Accredited Institution 3) Require sufficient skill and experience. 4) Continuing Education each year is part of the ongoing certification process. 5) Each member adheres to ethics guidelines. 6) Requires the earning of an accredited degree. 7) Require licensing if the government requires it.

The IOQM Certification Training Accreditation is linked to ISO 29990 Standards

Scope of ISO 29990: Learning services outside formal education.
•The standard contains requirements on:
– Qualifications Learning and The way learning needs are determined
–The design of learning services
–The way learning services are provided
–The monitoring of the delivery of the learning services
–Evaluations carried out by learning service providers
–The Management of the learning service provider.

Map of members of ISO

Map of members of ISO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)